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Name Red Velvet (Red) // Waver Velvet
Age 19! He looks younger.
Team Kunzite

Height/Build 5'2 / TINY NOODLE
Hair Color/Eye Color Black / grey-green
Notable Traits He makes great faces. The red tattoo that's on the back of his hand in a lot of icons is not there in Aather.

Other Might ping as a mage to anyone who can sense that sort of thing. He's as much of a noodle magically as he is physically.

If you can perceive souls, there are visible traces of a contract remaining on Waver's. It's been broken for a while, but he was bound to something very powerful once, and a lingering impression/connection is indelibly stamped there.
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ONE - Warning of the Darkness's movements and attempts to trap heroes & cautioning others to explore carefully and use their keys.

TWO - Concerning facts and theories about the new NPC and the Personae's revelations about the Darkness's shift of focus, the effect it's having on Aather team sizes, the adjustment the NPC has brought about, their own bonds, and the potential of heroes and knights to create forward movement with the changes.

THREE - Concerning Beauty's departure, the Prince reaching back, Darkness reaching in, actions taken/prospective plans still to be effected, and some quests.

FOUR - Beauty's game and what was found down the Darkness paths in the Woods: Personae devoured by the Darkness; the appearance of Rips; the rescue of the Prince from the Dragon; and the many memories left behind.

FIVE - Story weapons, Dog deaths, Personae gatherings, Personae memories, Darkness in the ice, cointoss sentience, Darkness plague, fearful dreams, murder mysteries, and unlocked hearts. Oh my.
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Popular Fairytales, Myths and Legends 101 (mundane)

[Skill game 59 - beastmaker - Snow Queen & Gerda | Day 433 | nonshareable (ice-encased snowdrop; thaw)]

The skill of Aather meta! His knowledge tends more towards classical mythology and popular European fairytales, though; anything obscure or from ouside that sphere will throw him.

+ Taken offscreen.


Familiarity with technology and the Internet. (mundane)

[Skill game 60 - story weapons - Prince | Day 443 | nonshareable (ship's wheel cookie; eat)]

More the first than the second, but he's reasonably okay with phones, computers, etc.

+ Taken offscreen.


Theory of thaumaturgy. Active ability to do alchemical chemistry and minor transmutations. (special)

[Skill game 61 - grow a plant - ??? | Day 460 | nonshareable ([skill form unknown?])]

He had a little of this back from memories but now has his full chemistry knowledge bar back and the ability to transform and fuse items with the proper wards and application of prana. The energy cost to him to do the latter is extremely high and gets higher the bigger/more complex the item is; it's also not something he has a strong affinity for. So, not something he can use very much (or really needs to, in Aather's quest and imagination-heavy climate.)

+ Taken onscreen.
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snip! )

The overall impact of these is a lot of game-changer revelations with regards to the actual events of the Grail War; a lot more of his actual bonding and formative experiences with Rider and the War back; a whole lot of guilt and upset (some of it survivor's guilt of a sort, with regards to the dead in Caster's lair); a profound sense of how deeply serious the Grail War got and just how in over his head he was; the novel experience of someone finding out he was a deceiving mage brat and accepting him in anyway; the equally novel experience of Rider truly acknowledging and befriending him after their trials by fire; and the action he took with all of these things weighing down on his head.

Or, in emote form: щ(ಥДಥщ) ??!?!?!?!!??!?!
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Hypnotizing Glen and Martha Mckenzie into believing he's their grandson. (trivial neutral)

[Game 320 - country creation - Scathatch | Day 411 | shareable 4/5 (kitten ring; wear)]

Offscreen implied-canon memory.

+ Taken offscreen.
+ A little more guilt over this than he felt at the time in canon.


Mealtime with the McKenzies...and "Alexei." (trivial negative)

[Game 321 - cooking contest - Maleficent | Day 412 | nonshareable (teabag w/ rose decal; brew/drink)]

Summary - Episode ???

+ Taken offscreen.


Interrupting the fight between Saber and Lancer. "The true meaning of the slaughter between magi -- I will pass the terror and the pain of the kill onto you without any reservation." [...] "Only one brave enough to ride into battle at my side can be my Master." (significant neutral)

[Game 323 - beliefs - Handless Faith | Day 414 | shareable 3/4 (slowly melting silver heart; warm in hand)]

Scene transcript: Episodes 4-5.

+ HIDEOUS EMBARRASMENT and not a little rage, Rider dere???, wow Kayneth is an asshole.
+ Realizing consciously that he was way in over his head re: the Grail War.
+ Real name get . . .
+ Taken offscreen.


Classes and study; finding that he quite enjoys the work. (trivial positive)

[Game 324 - kissing - Goldilocks | Day 418 | shareable 1/2 (wrapped box; unwrap)]

Pre-canon memory.

+ Taken offscreen. Not a tremendously impactive memory; just reinforcing that he did find fulfillment and satisfaction in being a mage student personally even if the social scene was crap for him.


Overseeing the sale of the Velvet family assets to afford tuition. No one seriously believes he'll make it. (significant neutral)

[Game 328 - the story of a princess - Scathatch | Day 422 | shareable 3/4 (lit crystal; hold in hand)]

Pre-canon memory.

+ Taken offscreen.
+ 50 bitter about his heritage points.
+ 50 wanting to do his name proud -- an impetus for using his real name more...?
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His first experience with higher-generation bullying at Clock Tower. (significant negative)

[Game 312 - exploration - Cheshire Cat | Day 402 | nonshareable (knight finger puppet; wear)]

Pre-canon memory.

+ Taken offscreen but he's quietly reacting to it in this post, most notably in his thread with Lambda; it generally will shake him up and leave him feeling kind of hollow and unsure of himself/other people, and quieter.


The castle banquet part one: the Three Kings drink together. (significant neutral)

[Game 314 - wtfovens - Gingerbread Witch | Day 404 | shareable 1/3 (paper crane; make a wish)]

Scene transcript: Episode 11.

+ Taken. Honestly just makes him more thoughtful and (quietly, where he won't admit it) awed by Rider. A trend towards consciousness of how far he was in over his head joining the Grail Wars.


Dreams of Okeanos. (significant neutral)

[Game 316 - songmaking - Lorelei | Day 407 | shareable 1/2 (red dulce; eat)]

Scene transcript: Episode 13.

+ Taken offscreen.


Theory of evocation and transference of consciousness. Active ability to bind and control living animals as familiars.

[Skill Game 56 - parts of a person - ??? | Day 405 | nonshareable (glass bell; breathe on -- will shatter)]

This skill is a bundle of theory and spells and practical knowledge to do with summoning elementals and spirits, making contracts, and binding live or dead animals as familiars. Evocation is Waver's chosen area of study/specialization and thus this is a bigger skill bundle than his other mage skills, but is equally affected by his lack of power.

He can definitely use live animals as familiars and project his consciousness into them to have them scout for him, but it's unlikely he can control more than one for a prolonged period! He can probably also create a minor elemental and have it obey simple commands. He's also aware of more advanced techniques like implanting an animal corpse with Circuits to create undead familiars, how to safely summon more powerful/complex beings, how to tweak summoning circles to get something closer to the ideal he wants, and how to transfer his consciousness to more complicated things than animals . . . but he's simply too weak to put them into practice. Likewise, he's capable of contracting with supernatural beings in Aather who work on Fate's system or something similar, but is unable to sustain their existence with his own power -- in canon, Rider straight up says that if he doesn't supply the prana for his special attacks himself, the resulting drain will kill Waver.

+ Taken as of this post; he'll be questing around for more supplies and possibly trying to catch some of the wildlife. Sorry about the pets Kunzite.
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Deducing the location of Caster's workshop and being praised by Rider. (trivial neutral)

[Game 308 - story questions - ??? | Day 396 | nonshareable (blank white card; write upon)]

Scene transcript (Episode 9).


Fussing in bed; the morning after the confrontation with Kayneth. Mail-order and the saga of Rider's pants. (trivial positive)

[Game 309 - masquerade/bodyswap - ??? | Day 398-399 | shareable ∞ (water-filled compact; open)]

Scene transcript (novels Act 5 Part 4 + Episode 7).


"Stupid, stupid, stupid -- ow!" Stealing Kayneth Archibald's original summoning artifact and looking up the rules of the Grail War. (significant neutral)

[Game 310 - card guessing - Lorelei | Day 400 | shareable 0/4 (humanoid bottle of water; drink)]

Scene transcript (Episode 1).


Theory of spellwork, incantation and curses. Active ability to do relatively simple spells such as shielding and memory manipulation.

[Skill Game 55 - RPG adventure - Handless Faith | Day 396 | nonshareable (silver vial; uncap)]

An overview of the theory part is here; this skill also comes bundled with actual spells Waver has memorized for use. The ones we see him use in canon are memory manipulation (a form of hypnosis to make people believe what the caster needs them to believe), shielding (formulation of magic shields around himself or around a certain area to protect from physical/magical attacks), and translation (allows him to overcome written/spoken language barriers.)

Waver is not powercapped at all because his inborn magical ability is very weak -- in general his magical skills will be a lot of grounding academic knowledge, and a limited ability to put the knowledge to use in a real world way. He can perform the simple spells just fine, but they need replenishment often and can be easy to break if they're tested. He cannot do most of the more complex spells without his Magic Circuits simply burning themselves out in the effort and causing him a lot of pain.

+ All taken.
+ The net effect is that the context of who he is, where he comes from, what he was heading toward in his starter memory, and something of what he can do as a magus all fall into place very neatly. He'll be cautious as to how he handles it since he doesn't know what point he got pulled out of the Grail War and will probably be pretty pessimistic about the whole ordeal, and a bit incredulous.
+ He also remembers Rider with equal parts admiration and infuriation so far . . .
+ He'll feel more comfortable with the concepts of magic and weird magical shit in general, but he also remembers magic in a very academic/rule- and logic-driven/basic grunt work way! So magical things happening in Aather without reasonably explicable cause-and-effect chains will still annoy him a lot.
+ He will feel generally more together and competent, less on edge all the time and more sure of how to settle into Aather, though still not comfortable with people or with his own weakness. He will also tend to stay in the library more.
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The flight to Fuyuki City; no turning back now. (trivial negative)

Waver packs all his bags, sneaks out of the Clock Tower University, and withdraws the bulk of his savings. He purchases an airline ticket to Fuyuki City in Japan and is wakeful and nervous through the long flight. He's aware that he may be making a huge mistake (he has no safety net if everything goes balls up) but more or less smothers that feeling in RIGHTEOUS RAGE. He'll show them all!

His name and a lot of details about his motivations are present in the memory but softened and blurred out.

+ he's a student but also playing delinquent by traveling?? and taking a huge risk
+ he's mad at someone and going to somewhere called Fuyuki to PROVE THEM WRONG YEAHHH


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